Downs Park, Pasadena

Access Locust Cove and Bodkin’s Bay at this Anne Arundel County Park.

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Food & Drink Nearby

This Anne Arundel County (AAC) Park offers a kayak launch site with access to Locust Cove and Bodkin’s Bay, and plenty of parking and walking trails on the west end. The east end offers a fishing pier, children’s playground, two basketball courts and an amazing view of the Chesapeake Bay.

One historical destination from Downs Park is at the North end of Bodkin’s Bay, where you can kayak and land on the historic farm, Hancock’s Resolution (open to the public from April through October,  staffed on Sundays from 1-4pm).

The farm is managed and maintained as part of Fort Smallwood, an AAC park.
Hancock’s Resolution is on the National Register of Historic Places. In addition, Captain John Smith was known to map Bodkin Creek on the first of his two trips to the Northern Bay in 1608.

Check out the Friends of Hancock’s Resolution’s website for more information of upcoming events such as the Spring Farm Festival, Spring Herb Sale, Musket Firing, Surveying, Honeybees, War of 1812 Remembrance ($), and the Annual Fall Harvest Festival Farm Meal ($).

When kayaking from Downs, guests are required to tell the gatehouse attendant that they will be kayaking. The attendant will ask you to fill out a card, which allows the park rangers to call you if they find your car unattended at the park’s closing time before seeking rescue assistance.

The park’s gatehouse is at the entrance of the east end on the right, which you must visit prior to gaining access to the west end gate on the left across the street.

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