Members of the Board

Canton Kayak Club (CKC) is a non-profit, affordable kayak share program with multiple docking stations around central Maryland.


Ray Scurr

Member since 2012

Canton Kayak Club-Gray

Gregory Faith

Vice President
Member since 2021


Allen Schwender

Member since 2009

Canton Kayak Club-Gray


Member since 2021

Canton Kayak Club-Gray


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Michelle Meadows

Purchasing / Print Marketing
Member since 2010

Canton Kayak Club-Gray


Digital Marketing


Elizabeth Wilson

Member since 2007

Canton Kayak Club-Gray

Cheryl Karcher

Events Coordinator
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Organizational Roles

These members contribute input to the board.


Brad Nelson

Fleet Manager


Mark Sargable

Training Instructor

Canton Kayak Club-Gray

Marilyn Fisher

Legal advisor

Canton Kayak Club-Gray


Member Engagement
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Overview of Roles

Establishes the strategic direction of the organization. Establishes and maintains external partner relationships with the organization. Provides overview of organizational results annually. Chairs board meetings.

Establishes the tactical direction for program services offered to members. Establishes and maintains relationships with organizational volunteers and staff. Measures and reports on program service effectiveness to board. Steps into the president’s role, as needed, when the president is not available.

Establishes a proposed annual budget for board approval. Issues payments for budget authorized transactions. Tracks and reports on all financial transactions. Files organizational taxes. Reports on budget-actual variances.

Initiates and coordinates the board meeting scheduling and agenda. Records status reports and discussions along with board motions and resulting decisions. Centrally stores approved meeting minutes for organizational reference.

Establishes and executes a plan for communication to members. Provides status reports to the board monthly regarding the organization communication to members.

Seeks input on organizational purchasing needs, identifies possible solutions and initiates the purchase within the approved budget. Seeks formal approval if the item or amount is not in the approved budget. Coordinates the receiving and storage for purchases. Provides purchasing receipts to the Treasurer. Provides status reports to the board monthly regarding purchasing made.

Establishes a plan for marketing to new and returning members. Ensures the consistency of branding, advertising, and promotional efforts throughout the year. Provides status reports to the board monthly regarding organizational marketing efforts.

Responsible for onboarding  members and scheduling new member orientations (paid function). Coordinates the scheduling and of member events offered. Provides access codes to members. Provides status reports to the board monthly regarding new and returning membership onboarding and orientation training.

Responsible for scheduling and coordinating the club’s social events, and managing relationships with venues. Provides status reports to the board monthly regarding club social event attendance.

Organizational Roles

Purchases and repairs kayaks and docking stations. Establishes access codes and secures the docking stations at the end of the season. Maintains inventory of organizational assets. Provides status reports to the board monthly regarding kayak and docking station budget-authorized purchases, repairs, and incidents reported.

Schedules with the assistance of Membership, and leads New Member Orientation and additional training sessions. Ensures that session attendance is supported by roster lists provided by Membership. Provides attendance reports to Membership.

Provides advisory reports to the board as needed to support the organizational legal and/or compliance requirements. Reviews and drafts all contractual agreements (i.e. MOU, Waivers, etc).

Provides updates to the Events Coordinator monthly for board reporting regarding member engagement levels. Establishes and implements a plan to increase member engagement. Coordinates and supports the promotion of member-led local events.