Frequently Asked Questions

New Members

CKC does not rent kayaks, nor rack space. We offer unlimited, seasonal access to paddling for one low price. 

Kayaks are not reserved, except for monthly Paddle Pal group outings. Please check the website to make sure you do not take a kayak out from a location during a scheduled Paddle Pals. As per club rules, kayaks can only be used during daylight hours.

All CKC members must be at least 18 years old.

We price our seasonal membership roughly about half of the rate of for-profit kayak rentals. You can compare our membership fees to season pass prices for businesses like: Capital SUP, Ultimate Watersports and Boating in DC.

CKC is designed to make the water accessible to people with little to no kayaking experience. Some say that orientation training alone is worth the cost of membership.

If you can plan to kayak just once a month during the season, you will benefit from joining CKC.

Memberships are seasonal, typically from May to October depending on a consistent water temperature over 60 degrees.

Members must fill out an annual application, waiver, and submit payment prior to receiving member access codes.

We do not prorate membership fees, however, your next season is included, if you complete orientation training after Labor Day. We want our members to get out paddling to see the benefits from CKC membership.

Orientation training sessions start in April and typically run through September, at least once a week.

All training currently takes place at Island View Waterfront Cafe. You will receive an email when sign up becomes available.

You can pay the preferred way using a credit card, ApplePay, Google Pay, or through a Paypal account.

Checks are also accepted.

All members are required to complete orientation training provided by an ACA L3 certified instructor to demonstrate an understanding of club rules and safety procedures.

Many experienced kayakers have told us that they learned something new in the session and enjoyed the refresher.

This session is usually your first opportunity to get to know other CKC members and get to know the club.

You will be getting into and out of the kayak from the shore and practicing paddling techniques.

Wear synthetic clothing (not cotton) and bring a water-repellent jacket.

Training happens rain or shine.

New members are sent access codes within 24 hours of completing their orientation training, along with an invite to Slack.

Existing Members

You must submit your payment, a completed application, and a signed waiver each season.

Members do not receive access codes until the club officially opens around May 1st.

Non-members cannot use CKC kayaks. However, rentals are available at the Loch Raven Fishing Center and Island View Waterfront Cafe.

If non-members bring their own kayak they can launch from public parks (Homeport, Downs Park, and Delta) or Island View (for a small fee).

Generally, the season runs from May 1st through the end of October.

Exact opening and closing days are determined each year, based on sustained daytime water temperatures of at least 60 degrees.

To be able to paddle, all members must submit their payment, a completed application, and a signed waiver each season.

Yes. You will not receive access codes until you do so.

Yes. However, if you are away for more than two seasons, a lapsed membership requires you to repeat orientation training without additional cost.

Early bird membership discounts are offered after season close (early November) until  March 1st.

Yes, but we have made an informed choice not to offer it for the safety of all members.

Always check the CKC website dock location pages and the marine weather forecast before going out.

General Questions

No, but we offer an early bird discount that gets you $10 off if you pay between November-March 1st. Or, if you sign up without a discount after Labor day, your membership will include the next season.

Note: the club is open for members to go out on the water generally May through October, or when the water temperature is consistently about 60 degrees.

Please contact info@cantonkayakclub.comto inquire about current opportunities. Volunteers receive 50% off and 100% off memberships for a seasonal commitment.
The ONLY way is to send an email to, so that membership status can be confirmed. DO NOT post access code requests on SLACK or any other social media.

If you move away, we can usually refund the amount paid, minus fees (if applicable).

Note: Our ability to reverse a credit card transaction is limited by the Paypal retention.

If you become physically unable to complete the season, we can either transfer the membership to the following season, or give you a refund.

Contact Include location, date time, your name, take photographs of the issue and write as much detail as possible i.e. color, number, make, model etc. If the issue is about another member, try to get a name and describe the situation in detail.
Write to and leave your phone number. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Non-resident Chesapeake Harbor members can only gain access to this location by signing up for a Paddle Pal group outing.

New members will receive an invite soon after orientation training. If you are a returning member that cannot access SLACK please contact
Yes, but please be sure to email with the following information: Recipient name, their email, phone number.


We determine whether training sessions are canceled based on the local weather at the training location; but this is rarely needed.

Training sessions can be modified to ensure safety and comfort. We do not go out on the water, if it is not safe. If you are still concerned about the weather conditions for your drive to/from the training location, please let us know:

No. You MUST pre-register for training and receive confirmation via email. You will be turned away from training if you are not on the confirmed training roster. Our training instructor is a club ambassador and paid business partner, who cannot accept member payments, nor confirm that a new member has a signed waiver on file.

Rescue training sessions are generally offered once a week from July and mid-August. All members receive announcements as dates become available. Classes must meet the minimum number of participants in order to run.


We evaluate offers of individual kayaks on a case-by-case basis to determine if they are appropriate for club use.
Donations to the Canton Kayak Club 501(c)3 non-profit are tax-deductible (EIN 16-1623171).

Featured Locations

This location gives new paddlers both a quiet cove to explore wildlife or, for more experienced paddlers, a camping and beach destination on Hart Miller island.

Enjoy an amazing view of the Chesapeake Bay with access Locust Cove and Bodkin’s Bay—home of historic farm, Hancock’s Resolution.

Tide Point in Baltimore, MD is a short paddle to see the Key Bridge from Ft. McHenry or see visiting ships in the Inner Harbor.