Loch Raven Reservoir

Closed for the 2022 season

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Loch Raven Fishing Center is unique as it has its own set of rules and regulations we must follow.

  • There are four bridges on the reservoir.
    • Do not go above the Paper Mill Rd bridge to the north because it is too shallow.
    • Do not go below the Loch Raven Drive Bridge to the south where the dam is – it is extremely dangerous.
  • Swimming and wading are prohibited in the reservoir.
  • Do not land anywhere besides the Fishing Center.

We have two racks located on the tree line and closest to the bathroom building.

  • CKC kayaks are numbered 198-205, and 206 and 208. These numbers correspond to the Loch Raven Permit Sticker numbers on the sides of the kayak.
  • Please return the kayak to its designated rack position.
  • Two kayaks on “our” rack (207 and 209) are not CKC kayaks (they are privately owned) so please be careful to only lock our boats together.
  • Please do not drag the kayaks to get to the launch area. Dragging the kayaks harms the underside and often breaks the skegs.
  • If you tend to paddle alone at this location, look into purchasing or creating your own kayak cart.
  • There is no storage box and we need to be careful with storing the PFDs and paddles. Please, when you are finished, make sure that each paddle and PFD is stored up in the cockpit of one/any of the sit-in kayaks.

Carpooling is encouraged for this location, as it gets very busy during the summer. 

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