Delta, Pennsylvania

Located on the Susquehanna River, Delta offers our members a paddling environment unlike any of our other locations.

Beach Launch

Nature, Quiet



Always Check River Gauge


Intermediate/Advanced Level

This location opened in August of 2015, and as our first out-of-town dock! This location is perfect for the adventurous kayaker. Located on the Susquehanna River, Delta offers our members a paddling environment unlike any of our other locations.

This stretch of the Susquehanna River is the northern end of the reservoir formed by the Conowingo Dam. After launching, you can follow the shoreline upriver (to the left) for about a mile, and you’ll reach the mouth of Muddy Creek. Paddle up the creek about three-quarters of a mile, until it’s too shallow to go further. Hop out of your kayak, pull it through the ripples, then park it on the beach to your left. Walk upstream a couple of minutes to enjoy a cascading waterfall and a swim in a deep pool in the creek. (Can’t do THAT in Baltimore!)

If swimming isn’t your thing, you can head about a mile up the middle of the river to a two-mile stretch of rocky islands. You may think you’re somewhere in Alaska! You can explore the countless channels among the islands, and perhaps even find a place to land. (Some islands have private cabins on them—keep your distance, please!) As you paddle further upriver among the islands, you can experience some moving water, which we do not have in the Baltimore Inner Harbor.

The river in this area is much like a lake, but if there has been a lot of rain, there can be a strong current. Always check and consider subscribing to alerts for the river gauge at Harrisburg before leaving your home and throughout your paddle.  See

Scroll down to “Gage height, feet.” If the water level is less than 6 feet, paddling should be easy; between 6 and 8 feet, there will be some current, making it a bit harder to paddle upriver; and if it’s 8 feet or more, the current can be strong, and we suggest you avoid paddling here.

There is a boat ramp on the left side of the river, near the islands; DO NOT land there, as it is managed by the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission, and a permit is required. And, as always, check the weather forecast before you go!

Start by heading north to Brad Nelson’s Starrk Moon Kayaks shop. As you head down Cold Cabin, you’ll swear there can’t possibly be a kayak store on this narrow, wooded road until you see the big shop and house on the left, with all the kayaks outside.

Park across the street and get your paddle and PFD from inside the Pyranha Kayaks trailer in the parking area—just open the side door. While you’re there, stop in and say hello to Brad!

After picking up your gear, proceed to the park at the bottom of the hill where you’ll find our kayaks in a trailer. 

Grab a kayak and launch from the boat ramp or the shore. If you arrive and find all of the kayaks in use (we don’t expect that to happen), see Brad at the shop and he’ll lend you one.

On the water, on location!

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