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CKC Membership

Corporate Membership:

Corporate memberships for over 6 people may be available on a case by case basis. Contact for more information.

After making your payment, you must fill out your application & waiver and return it to  Your membership is not complete until you make payment and complete the application & waiver.

If you are a new member, you will be contacted to schedule training after your payment and application/waiver have been received.

Basic Guidelines

  • Canton Kayak Club kayaks and equipment, as well as our floating dock in Fells Point, may be used by club members only.  Members may not permit non-members to use club equipment or facilities.
  • You are welcome to start kayaking from one dock location and finish your paddle at an alternate dock location, and safely return your kayak and gear there; provided there is adequate room to store and lock your boat on the rack.
  • Under no circumstances may you remove kayaks or gear and transport them to any other Canton Kayak Club owned dock OR any other location.  Any member found out of compliance OR allowing a non-member access to the CKC's equipment will have their membership revoked.
  • Spin the tumblers on the locks immediately after opening them as this will insure that all equipment is locked and secure before you leave to kayak, or leave the dock.  To preserve the safety and continued operation of the club please keep the code completely private.

Responsible Paddling

  • Members may use club kayaks and equipment during daylight hours only.  Paddling at night is prohibited.
  • CKC members are responsible for checking marine weather conditions prior to using the club facilities.  If there is a small craft advisory the club is CLOSED.  This is extremely important!  Additionally, members may not paddle during conditions of low visibility or during thunderstorms.
  • Dangerous storms can approach fast out in the Bay and can be lethal.  Our membership requires that we monitor the live Marine Forecast information accessible via our website to determine the current conditions before entering the water.

Island View Dock

  • Unique to this location members are required to enter their trip information into a 'Kayak Usage Log Book'.  Members will sign-out kayaks by stating basic trip details: departure date and time, anticipated return, and contact info.
  • The Log Book is kept in a wooden box on the kayak rack.

Harbor East Marina Dock

  • Paddling out from this location requires access through a gate monitored by The Harbor East Marina Office.  The Office is located inside the Legg Mason building, on the first floor overlooking the marina.
  • The procedure is easy: Bring your CKC ID card to the office attendant and ask to have the Marina gate opened. 

General Information

  • Members must be at least 18 years of age.
  • New members will be contacted to schedule training; advance registration is required.
  • All training is held at the Fells Point Dock location unless otherwise noted and is taught by ACA-certified kayak trainers.
  • Upon completion of your required training session the instructor will provide the lock code and your official 2013 Canton Kayak Club I.D. card.  Please sign the back of the card and carry it along with a Photo ID or risk being turned away from the docks.


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